Johns Hopkins
Developing the Next Leaders in HIV Mental Health Co-Morbidities Research

The Johns Hopkins NeuroHIV Comorbidities Scholars Program (JHNeurophytes) is a Summer Internship Program (SIP) intended to provide research experience for students with goals to pursue a future biomedical research career in the Mental Health and NeuroHIV. Please browse our website for more information, and we look forward to your application!

What is a Neurophyte?

A Neurophyte is an undergraduate student in which the seed that loves science has been implanted and is growing.

A Neurophyte wants to contribute to the body of knowledge that is going to lead to new treatments and cures for neurological and neurodegenerative disorders.

A Neurophyte is highly motivated, academically accomplished, and coachable and eager to be a part of a diverse biomedical workforce researching in communities with high incidence of neuroHIV and it’s comorbidies.

Our Values


Surmount obstacles that will come along the journey while remaining dedicated to achieving the goal


Love of learning, receiving feedback, and exploring novel approaches


Ability to listen and contribute to diverse backgrounds, upbringings, beliefs, and viewpoints


Strong self-efficacy in inspiring others to take positive action